A Love Letter to Memphis: Brittney Bryant

A Love Letter to Memphis: Brittney Bryant

Oh Memphis,

The sounds, the tastes, the history … you seem to lure us in before we even know what’s happening.

Brittney Bryant -- Memphis 200

There aren’t any tall skyscrapers or subway tunnels, but but you feel like a big city and a small town at the same time. Your soul food and sounds of the blues are almost part of my blood by now.

I’ve watched your rise and fall and eventual rise again like a proud mother. Store closings, crime and blight. You came back fighting and somehow glittering even more than before -- your family of Memphians rising to the occasion and pushing you to be the best.

Even with your flaws, we are always cheering you on like we are 1 point down with only seconds to go in the game.

I’ll admit, I didn’t always understand you. Like any southern city, you have a twisted past. But your path from then to now puts a smile on my face. You have grown to become a place for all people.

Memphis, thank you for teaching me and for making me into who I am today.



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