A Love Letter to Memphis: Joy Redmond

A Love Letter to Memphis: Joy Redmond

Dear Bluff City,

How many ways do I love thee? Let me count the calories, because they are proof that I’ve fallen helplessly in love with you.

Joy Redmond -- Memphis 200

I’ve taken a “Flight” to a secret “Rendezvous” where I had my hair styled at the best “Beauty Shop” in the country. I caught a “Hog and Hominy” to “Andrew Michael’s Kitchen” with my “Brother Juniper” and while I was there I made two new friends, Gus and Gibson, the kings of fried chicken and doughnuts, respectively.

Quite honestly, I fell in love with you the first night we spent together at the Peabody. What a magical place with an incredible view from my penthouse suite. It’s just one of the many gems you hold.

You’re a mecca for southern hospitality and charm, an incredible life-saving organization sits on your Danny Thomas Boulevard. You’re the birthplace of legendary giants. What an honor for JT, the Queen of Soul and the King of Rock and Roll to call you home.

Every time I visit the National Civil Rights Museum I am overcome with tremendous gratitude because the history housed there is my history. The fight for equality displayed on the walls there is a beautiful reminder of how blessed I am, as a black woman, that a law for a “whites only” anchor desk has been eradicated. Dr. King did that on your streets, tirelessly, for me.

Memphis, YOU do it for me, especially in May. And all the months, days and weeks in between.

So yes, this is a confession from a Motown born NAOTB (new anchor on the block): I’m now officially a BBQ-loving, Grizzly-grinding, Beale Street babe who loves me some 901.

Happy 200th birthday Bluff City… You. Bring. Me. Joy.

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