A Love Letter to Memphis: Kelly Roberts

A Love Letter to Memphis: Kelly Roberts

Dear Memphis,

A move to Memphis is exciting. Barbecue, rock ‘n' roll and nostalgia.

Immediately I got to work, seeing Memphis from behind a camera lens. But I quickly learned I needed to come out from behind the camera to see the true Memphis and meet the people who make this place special.

I’ve learned no one makes a better breakfast biscuit than the women at the convenience store on Stateline Road. No one makes a better al pastor taco than the guys at Maciel’s and don’t even get me started on the catfish the chefs serve at The Four Way. No one does it better.

I’ve met some of the most dedicated teachers giving Memphis a brighter future, watched as numerous community members showed the most compassion for the city’s least fortunate (usually through… what else.. amazing meals) and I’ve been inspired by the community’s activists keeping Dr. King’s legacy alive.

By seeing Memphis with my own eyes and not just through a lens, I’ve shared laughs, tears and thoughtful, honest conversations with those who call Memphis home. Each moment creating the fabric of my life.

Thank you, Memphis!



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