A Love Letter to Memphis: Kym Clark

A Love Letter to Memphis: Kym Clark

Dear Memphis,

Being a military brat I’ve lived in a lot of places: Robbins Air Force Base in Georgia (born there); Bermuda; the Philippines; Bellevue, Nebraska; Oglethorpe County, Georgia; Macon and Augusta, Georgia.

I’ve visited even more cities all over the world. So when I moved to the Bluff City in 1988 for a job at WMC, I truly didn’t plan to put down roots ... thought I’d be here a year or two at MOST. My plans were to eventually land a job in Washington D.C. and then move on to another major market! But there’s just something about this city and its people. I’m not really sure exactly WHEN it happened but it did. I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU!

Kym Clark -- Memphis 200

You welcomed me with open arms and often gentle and constructive criticism. But you seldom left me feeling unloved. It was like a parent or grandmother correcting me when I made mistakes. And boy did I make mistakes! (OK, I still make mistakes but hey! I’m human after all!)

Your generosity extends to others as well. Whenever I report about someone in need, I can barely get the words out of my mouth during the newscast before the calls start coming in from people who want to help. And there are few places in this whole wide world where you can walk down the street and meet strangers who wave and speak as you do here in this beautiful river city.

Kym Clark as a young reporter covering former President Bill Clinton.
Kym Clark as a young reporter covering former President Bill Clinton.

Then there’s the unbridled excitement and joy you show your sports teams and athletes, whether they be professional, college, high school or even pee wee leagues. It’s contagious and I can’t help but be excited too!

The pride you show for your communities is unmatched. And the pure passion you have for good food and fun has led to a few dress size changes in my own life.

This former transient child has made lifelong friends here. I also met the love of my life here and gave birth to the light of my life here. I can no longer imagine what my life would be like anywhere else but here in Memphis with your wonderful festivals of music, food and the many celebrations of all the ethnicities and cultures that make up this amazing bouquet of people.

Yes, as in any love story, there are hiccups and problems along the way. But like any good family, you are not ashamed to look at what’s wrong and work to fix it. Memphis is a city that always picks itself up and dusts itself off and continues on. I find that kind of resilience and grit and grind refreshing and inspirational.

Memphis, you are where I grew up and where I intend to grow old. I love you! And I’m so honored that you have loved me back. I hope I’ve lived up to your expectations.

All my love,

Kym Clark

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