A Love Letter to Memphis: Sagay Galindo

A Love Letter to Memphis: Sagay Galindo

Dear Marvelous Memphis,

What a city. It’s been such a wonderful adventure for me and my family but especially my kiddos.

Although we have been here less than a year, we have had so much fun exploring. From the awesome zoo to the Children’s museum, the Civil Rights Museum, the Fire Museum, the list goes on and on. Memphis has blown me away with the array of family-fun activities.

I love the rhythm and the rich history in music. It’s so soulful yet soothing. I love the smiling faces and gratitude toward my husband’s service in the military and in our military members altogether. And while I may not be a barbecue lover, I love the various foods that cater to all types of palettes.

I admit, I have uttered a complaint or two when the temperatures are up and down or the mosquitoes are biting away, but the beauty far outweighs those minor things.

Memphis is so much more. It’s the people who make this city so great. The way the community comes together and looks out for each other is such a rare find and what makes Memphis so marvelous.

Happy birthday!



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