A Love Letter to Memphis: Spencer Denton

A Love Letter to Memphis: Spencer Denton

Bluff City! You are a part of a state that most of my life has revolved around. I love the state of Tennessee and my love for Memphis is now not far behind.

I spent my childhood in Knoxville and my college years in Nashville. Now I call you home. I’ve seen what the other parts of the Volunteer State had to offer, but I’m finding out there was much more to offer here than I ever knew.

My first TV weather job in my 20s was just up the road in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I always enjoyed my drive over the "M" bridge when going back to Nashville to see family and friends. Who knew I would call you home 15 years later?

I was actually part of one of your biggest weather events in the history of the city...Hurricane Elvis. I was driving from Jonesboro to Nashville and just happened to leave as hurricane Elvis was forming. I was in shock driving down I-40 seeing the damage the moment after it happened. But you bounced back quickly as you always have.

Like most born outside of the Bluff City, my knowledge of you was St. Jude, FedEx, Elvis, Blues and BBQ. I was immediately drawn to BBQ. I’m now a certified BBQ judge and have gotten very involved in the BBQ community alongside Ron Childers and Dave Brown. Memphis in May has become an annual tradition that I look forward to judging every year.

As far as my favorite BBQ in your sweet and sometimes salty town, I’ve gotta go with Cozy Corner, Blues City Café (best ribs in town) and Central BBQ. Many others are great, but these are my top three in the city.

(L-R) Ron Childers, Dave Brown, Brittney Bryant and Spencer Denton.
(L-R) Ron Childers, Dave Brown, Brittney Bryant and Spencer Denton.

One thing I didn’t realize when I moved here was how much there is to do. The highlights so far have been the Memphis Zoo, Shelby Farms Park, Grizz games and the Children’s Museum, which is a must if you have a preschooler.

I’ve lived in many cities across the south, but my family found that Memphians were some of the most kind and welcoming people we have encountered. Memphis, I appreciate your kindness and your warm southern ways.

To me, the Bluff City can be summed up in a few words … faith, family, fun, food, music and a rich history. I look forward to enjoying all of those for years to come.

Spencer Denton

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