Volunteers, dogs help search for missing woman

Volunteers, dog help search for woman

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Search Dogs South traveled from Mississippi to Memphis, volunteering to follow the trail in the missing persons case of 85-year-old Pandora Duckett.

It has been 10 days since Duckett went missing from her home on Rosswood Drive in a Raleigh neighborhood.

Bella the bloodhound works with Search Dogs South.

Duckett's son, Kim, says Bella brings new hope.

"We’ve had dogs out with the Sheriff’s department and we appreciate that. We’re just following up doing all we can," Kim said.

Duckett has Alzheimer's and was spotted on surveillance video at a corner store before going missing. A woman, who thought she looked lost, says she gave her a ride back to her neighborhood.

Bolen Huse Road was one of the last places Duckett was seen. Firefighters say they saw her walking as they were responding to a call.

Search teams knew they were on the right track when Bella immediately picked up Duckett’s scent.

It is a wooded area with winding curves and walking paths.

In 20 degree temperatures, the team searched until the scent went cold.

I asked her family if Duckett may have ventured off to visit a friend.

“She’s fairly new to the area only been here about a month in a half. She hasn’t met anyone so anytime she would meet anyone would be a family member,” Kim said. “My mother is a strong woman. The strongest woman I’ve ever known. I believe she’s okay and I believe she’ll be found.”

The family says they are following up on all leads.

“We’re taking any help we can get. Like I said no tip is too small,” Kim said.

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