TN Senator introduces daycare bill for state workers

State daycare options bill

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - On-site daycare is a benefit companies like IBM, Home Depot, Nike and Disney provide to their employees.

State Senator Sara Kyle says it's time for the State of Tennessee to follow their lead.

"It's just an overall smart option to offer," Kyle said.

Kyle says it is impossible for some state workers to find affordable child care. Some of them simply give up.

“Sometimes those people go back home and they're no longer in our workforce. We sure are losing a lot of talented people," Kyle said.

Kyle introduced Senate Bill 741. It would allow daycares to operate in state-owned and leased office buildings.

She says child care providers would compete for a contract and, like other daycares in Tennessee, they would have to follow all state and local regulations.

“I think this would benefit a lot of people and I think it would be very wise for the state of Tennessee to do this for their employees," Kyle said.

State workers would pay to use the daycare, based on their income.

Local governments and private employers could partner with the state, allowing their employees to use the daycares as well.

Senator Kyle hopes to pick up support from her colleagues in the general assembly and eventually, from Governor Bill Lee.

“So I think he will lend an ear and listen to some of these arguments," Kyle said.

It is a benefit that she says is long overdue.

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