TDOT working to fix potholes, road hazards in Memphis

TDOT working to fix potholes, road hazards in Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Potholes during Tuesday morning’s commute had drivers coming to a crawl on I-40 as TDOT crews worked to make the repairs.

It is an issue that pops up every winter with heavy rain.

Late winter and into the spring is prime time for potholes to appear or reappear on our roads.

They can look like the smallest of holes on the road, but drivers dodge and swerve around them knowing potholes can wreak havoc on their vehicle.

TDOT working to fix potholes, road hazards in Memphis

“Ah yeah, it’s a fun little game,” said driver Joshua Dixon. “But you know of course I would rather have smooth paved roads.”

Memphis drivers are no strangers to potholes. Since January, the City of Memphis filled nearly 15,000 potholes.

“It hasn’t destroyed my car just yet, but that’s only because I am very, I know the roads are tore up so I am paying attention,” Dixon said.

Other drivers weren't as lucky during Tuesday morning’s commute.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Several cars hit this cluster of potholes on I-40 at Chelsea Avenue. Police are blocking that side of the road.

Posted by WMC Action News 5 on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Recent heavy rain is likely to blame for several potholes opening up on I-40 near Chelsea Avenue.

We counted at least five drivers falling victim.

“The winter months is definitely pothole season due to the inclement weather,” said TDOT Maintenance Supervisor Christian Canady.

Word spread fast through the TDOT maintenance department about the string of potholes that left drivers coming to a halt after several hit them.

Memphis police diverted traffic around the damaged lanes as TDOT repaired the highway.

The science behind potholes

“Around this time we are geared to take care of those tasks by having manpower, being proactive to fixing complaints and just making sure we get rid of all road hazards,” Canady said.

Just in Shelby County, TDOT used more 300 tons of mix to fill potholes between July and December 2018.

State crews say they are ready and on standby to fill in the road hazards that sometimes appear overnight.

Often potholes in your area are filled only after you report them to the state if you’re on the highway or to the city if you’re on streets.

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