Florida woman charged with threatening black deputy with visit from KKK

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VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL (Gray News) - Deputies in Volusia County arrested Julie Edwards last Thursday under suspicion of drunk driving.

Now, her DUI charge might be the least of her worries.

She’s facing an additional charge for making a threat against the African-American deputy who arrested her.

Investigators said Edwards told the Deputy Brandon King that the Ku Klux Klan would burn crosses in his front yard. They said the 54-year-old told him she hoped to find King on a corner alone and that black people should never have been freed from slavery.

The sheriff’s office posted video of the tirade to the department’s Facebook page. While the profanity and slurs have been censored, the racist nature of the language is still upsetting.

"Watch this video if you need any more proof that there's no expiration date on ignorance," Sheriff Mike Chitwood said.

The racist outburst began as King filled out paperwork. It included a threat to sue for the deputy’s termination, the n-word and calling the deputy “boy.”

“I’ll buy me a house because of you,” the suspect in the video said. “Keep it up, boy.”

The department said King does not know Edwards or what she’s capable of, so this matter is being taken seriously.

“Before you go on a racist rant at one of our deputies, just remember we have body cameras,” the department said in its Facebook post.

Edwards is also charged with refusal to submit to testing.

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