Flu Shots: Is it too late?

Flu Shots: Is it too late?

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Flu season is in full swing with a spike in flu cases around the Magnolia State. There have already been 7 million people in the U.S. with the flu so far this season.

Health care professionals are stepping up their reminders for people to get their yearly flu vaccinations. Doctors are reminding us it’s still not too late to get your yearly flu shot.

Why is it so important to get your yearly vaccination?

“The flu vaccine itself is the best way to prevent the illness," said Dr. Terica Jackson of Baptist Medical Center. “The flu vaccine causes our bodies to produce antibodies which will help us to fight the virus. There are people who do not get the flu vaccination because they hear it causes the flu itself and that is not true.”

Dr. Jackson says that they have seen an average of 100 cases just in the past two weeks

“It is not too late! In fact, the season continues well into February or March, but even delayed vaccinations carry benefits."

UMMC Dr. Bhagyashri Navalkele says that with last years record breaking flu season, she is not surprised by this years spike in flu cases.

“Nationally we are seeing high levels in flu currently. In Mississippi we have a high flu activity. Our neighbor states has it before us, but every year we see a spike in flu between January and February. So this was expected."

Most importantly, says Dr. Navalkele, all children six months and older should get the flu vaccine to prevent this potentially deadly virus.

“This season there have been a lot of children who have died from the flu. And most of them have been because they did not get the vaccine."

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