Sister dances for donations in Wish-a-Thon

Sister dances for donations in Wish-a-Thon
One sister dances during the Wish-a-Thon to show support of her sister. (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A sibling’s love for her sister motivated her to give back with every dance move that she’s got.

Kara Blankenship showed off her moves on the streets of Jonesboro during the Have-a-Heart Wish-a-Thon benefiting Make-a-Wish.

Her sister, Abigail, was last year’s Make-a-Wish recipient in Craighead County.

Kara is now in her second year of volunteering for the Wish-a-Thon.

She knows the important role the volunteers and the donations play in helping make a child’s wish come true.

“I can’t express how important it is because for a family of five to go on a trip like that. We never, never in a million years would have been able to do that and now we have those memories forever,” Kara said. “If Abi doesn’t make it two years or two months we have that.”

Abigail has a rare form of bone cancer.

She still goes to chemo sessions, but her sister says she is doing better and is in great spirits.

Her wish was a week spent in Hawaii...and for a good reason.

“We watched the same movie every night and that was Lilo and Stitch and so she wanted to see where Lilo and Stitch lived and so they flew us on up there 12 hours on a plane there and 12 hours on a plane back and I wouldn’t trade a second for it. It was the best thing ever,” Kara said.

Seeing the joy in Abigail’s eyes when she was granted her wish motivates Kara today.

That’s why Kara dances as a way to show support of not only her sister but all children battling an illness.

“Nobody has the money. Nobody has the time. Nobody has the patience,” Kara said. “We’re all fighting and struggling and yeah that’s the real world and it stinks but if you can do anything. A penny, a quarter, a hundred dollar bill, anything it adds up. It adds up quick and you can give a kid memories that last a life time. However long or however short that might be.”

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