South Cordova faces deannexation vote

South Cordova faces deannexation vote

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Shelby County Commission Chair Van Turner says plans are already in the works to welcome back South Cordova residents on January 1, 2021.

“Fortunately, the county is in good fiscal shape, something not a complete surprise. We’re happy to have more Shelby Countians,” Turner said.

Patricia Possell and many other residents have been fighting to get back in the county since 2012.

“We in South Cordova chose a suburban location, we were never intended to be an urban situation, so we never wanted to be in the city," Possell said.

The city council will decide on Tuesday.

Council Member Berlin Boyd says he is more concerned about getting back the money the city invested in that community.

“I think it’s a wise decision to look at right sizing the city of Memphis,” Boyd said. “We put in sewer, we put in infastructure sidewalks and those costs we have to recoup."

Boyd says if the deannexation is approved, it would likely mean South Cordova residents would have to continue paying taxes to the city until the investments have been re-paid.

The taxes would cover the costs for Memphis police to continue patrolling the area, if need be, and would give Shelby County Sheriff’s office more time to get up to speed.

“Well, that’s why we’re planning ahead now. We’re gonna go eventually go to the county commision. We will ask for additional resources that will require more cars, more equipment,” Bonner said.

Shelby County residents who want to stay in the city will also have a say.

If the ordinance passes Tuesday, they will have to turn in a petition with 10 percent of registered voters in that area to the city within 75 days.

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