Woman captured after driving off with friend’s 10-month-old baby

Suspect, infant found in Greenville, Mississippi

Woman captured after driving off with friend’s 10-month-old baby

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police said a missing 10-month-old and the suspect accused of taking her have been found in Mississippi.

Police say Sariah Newson was taken by Ariel Taylor, an acquaintance of her mother at a laundromat at 4648 Horn Lake Road.

Police say the suspect and infant were found in Greenville, Mississippi. The suspect will be extradited to Memphis.

"I just saw the police come up,” said Sheldon Key, owner of Golden Image. “I was looking out the window and I wasn't sure what was going on."

People in the strip mall right across the street from Geeter School didn’t know what to think when Memphis police officers arrived at the laundromat.

"The suspect was in the car with the mother's permission, but the suspect drove off in the car,” said MPD Deputy Chief Don Crow.

The suspect drove off with the mother’s 10-month-old daughter in the car while the mother was in the Laundromat.

Darryl Alexander witnessed the whole thing.

“She said my babe in the car with my friend,” Alexander said. “I’m keeping my eye on her and the young lady kept peeping through the window.”

Alexander said the mother had only known the woman in the car for a few days. Sariah’s father called his mother, who showed up.

"Somebody was sitting in her car and asked her to take them to Greenville when she came back the car was gone with the baby in it,” said grandmother Stephanie Rice.

Police say the woman rode to the Laundromat with the mother of the baby.

"It’s awful cause I ain’t never to go through nothing like this and I would never have let nobody get in the car, let my baby be in no car with nobody else I didn’t know,” Rice said.

Officers worked the case quickly, discovering the woman with Sariah had indeed driven to Greenville.

The suspect was detained, and Sariah was not harmed.

"I’m happy and I’m mad at the same time,” Rice said.

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