MPD: Man advertises vehicle on Facebook, then robs potential buyer

MPD: Man advertises vehicle on Facebook, then robs potential buyer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police have arrested a man accused of preying on women who were looking to buy a car.

Police were able to charge a man accused of posing as the seller of a car last year after one of the victims came forward this week.

The women said the man pulled a gun on them, took their money, and took off in the car they wanted to buy.

"The lady, she told me that man the gone. he took my walled and my $1,300,” said Antonio Mendez, who owns Mendez Auto Repair.

Mendez will never forget the day in October last year when a long-time customer asked him to look at a car she wanted to buy from a seller on Facebook.

So he did.

“It’s nothing wrong with the car,” Mendez said. “The car is in good condition.”

Mendez said the man selling the car showed up at his shop and he talked with him.

"He acted OK,” Mendez said.

Police say that man is 26-year-old Eric Moore.

Mendez says after he looked at the Chrysler 200, he went in the shop to help a customer.

When he came back the woman who wanted to buy the Chrysler told him the man pulled a handgun on her and took her wallet with the $1,300 down payment and left in the Chrysler.

In February last year, police say Moore ripped off another potential buyer using the same car he drove to her home.

The woman told investigators Moore pulled a handgun on her and took her $900 down payment and the car. Police were unable to locate Moore until his latest victim.

The woman who went to her mechanic filed a report earlier this month.

Mendez is glad he was caught.

"Because it’s not good like he do,” Mendez said.

Police recommend if you are buying something off of Facebook, meet at a safe place like a police precinct.

The woman who went to Mendez’s auto shop did the right thing by meeting the man selling the car at Mendez’s shop and asking him to check out the car.

But the suspect apparently was so bold, he didn't care.

What makes this crime even bolder is that Mendez's Auto Shop has a fence around it.

Moore is charged with aggravated robbery.

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