Residents react to power outages caused by storm

Lightning strike cause outages

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Lemoyne-Owen College canceled classes Wednesday due to a power outage.

Daavon Sanford was in his residence hall at Lemoyne-Owen when the lights went off around midnight.

"The power just went out so I didn't know what was going on," Sanford said.

The lights still were not on when he woke up, so he went back to bed.

"They actually said over the intercom class was canceled," Sanford said.

Dozens of seniors living in the College Park building nearby said they were anxious for MLGW to restore power.

Generators kept emergency lights illuminated.

MLGW says the outage in the Lemoyne-Owen College area was equipment failure caused by a lightning strike.

At the height of the city-wide outage, roughy 7,800 customers were without power.

By midday, Memphis police PST's were still directing traffic and some neighborhood schools were closed. AB Hill Elementary dismissed at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon because the power never came back on.

Tuesday night, Memphis City Council members did not approve electric rate increases proposed by MLGW as part of an electric grid modernization plan.

The five-year plan would automate the system, allowing power to be restored faster when it's knocked out.

Just hours before the outages, MLGW CEO JT Young made these comments.

“The question should be are we making the system more resilient without these investments and the answer to that is no,” Young said.

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