‘The Enemy Within’ stars preview upcoming NBC drama

‘The Enemy Within’ stars preview upcoming NBC drama

(WMC) - The stars of NBC’s newest drama “The Enemy Within” sat down with WMC Action News 5′s Kym Clark to talk about their premiere.

Jennifer Carpenter and Morris Chestnut star in the psychological thriller that follows Erica Shepherd, a former CIA operative who is serving life in a Supermax prison when FBI agent Will Keaton enlists her to track down a dangerous, elusive criminal she knows all too well.

"Erica Shepherd was the deputy director at the CIA before she was convicted of the highest treason. She’s one of the most hated citizens in America," Carpenter said of her character. "Serving 15 consecutive life sentences. Will Keaton lost his fiancé after one the decisions I made as deputy director, but now unfortunately he’s chasing someone I know quite a bit about so he’s made to employ me to help work on the case."

Chestnut plays Keaton, a role in stark contract with his character on "Rosewood."

"This role is much more challenging. It was funny because Rosewood, it was light and sunny. He was just happy go lucky, gregarious type of character," Chestnut said. "This character is much more profound. Dealing with some emotional challenges day in and day out. Our characters work together. However the one thing I love about the show is that I’m an FBI agent and she was a former CIA agent, but that’s just the backdrop. It’s the characters that drive the show. It’s the characters challenges day in and day out. So for instance, Will Keaton working with Erica Shepherd despite her being the reason my fiancé isn’t present. So that’s what I think I love about the show."

Carpenter said the chemistry between the two will convey to the screen.

"It’s been great. I feel like right after we shook hands, we got straight to work and I knew it was going to be a good thing because we both attack the work like we’re athletes," she said. "You know Morris and I, we’re always on time, we’re always on time. We always have a point of view about the scene and we let the cameras roll and show off our hard work. So it’s really exciting this premier. You know we’re really happy for people to finally get to look at it."

“The Enemy Within” premieres Monday, February 25 at 9 p.m.

“You can expect a lot of action, a lot of heart and a lot of emotion. It’s gonna run over you like a Mack Truck,” Chestnut said.

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