Tunica’s Fitz Casino reopens after flooding

Tunica’s Fitz Casino back in business after flooding

TUNICA COUNTY, MS (WMC) - Fitz Casino in Tunica County has reopened after flooded roadways caused the property to shut down for days.

Crews have created measures to keep water from entering the roadway.

It's been no easy feat reopening the Fitz Casino.

Tunica County road crews and the emergency management department made a makeshift dam using dirt to keep back the flood waters from the Mississippi River and keep the lanes into the casino clear.

The dam was completed Thursday night and the Fitz opened its doors around 9 p.m.

Friday evening, the casino had a larger crowd than normal according to workers.

The problem was the access road was covered in flood water, making it dangerous to drive into the casino.

Management at the casino is very thankful for the hard work done to make it possible to reopen.

Tunica’s Fitz Casino reopens after flooding

"Our hats go off to Tunica County, the road division there they just absolutely did a fantastic job,” said Tony Scudiero, General Manager and Vice President of Fitzgerald Casino. “They did a makeshift dam out there that keeps water from going over into both lanes, they worked 24 hours to get it completed. They got it done last night at 7:30 and what it does is open two-lane traffic and keep everybody safe."

Scudiero said they did lose a substantial amount of money being closed for four days.

He didn't have any estimates for how much was lost, but he did say this month is the busiest month for the casino.

Casino managers are especially grateful to be open before St. Patrick's Day, their busiest day of the year.

They hope a permanent solution can be found to avoid closing in the future.

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