Filming for 'Bluff City Law’ pilot takes over Oxford

Filming for 'Bluff City Law’ pilot takes over Oxford

OXFORD, MS (WMC) - A TV production crew has taken over the Oxford Square, bringing with them giant lights, trailers full of equipment and a large team.

"It's amazing how much stuff they need to shoot pictures,” said Jon Maynard, President and CEO of Oxford-Lafayette Chamber of Commerce.

This NBC Universal crew is shooting the pilot episode for the TV show called “Bluff City Law.”

The show is based in Memphis and follows elite lawyers who specialize in landmark civil rights cases.

Maynard is excited for the local economic impact.

“Having film crews come into your town, they bring people to town that have jobs and are spending money in your town because they’re not where they live,” Maynard said. “So obviously hotels and restaurants and fuel and things like that.”

This week is Spring Break and normally much slower but right now it’s very busy.

“Well I think it’s exciting, it’s always exciting to have some new stuff going around here,” said Oxford resident Cora Brusevold. “Something different.”

Brusevold likes the idea of a TV show showing off the town.

The crew is only filming the pilot episode at first, and if it gets picked up, they could make regular trips to Oxford.

"I think it’s good for the business, and it’s a good advertisement for Oxford,” Brusevold said.

Maynard hopes the show gets picked up and possibly attracts other shows or movies to do business there as well.

"It’s nice for Oxford to get credit on something that hey we’re a great location to come and film,” Maynard said. “I certainly think we’ve got plenty of support from the locals to say we really want this here we want more of this to happen here.”

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