City cleans storm drains ahead of expected rainfall

MLGW crews prepare for severe weather

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The city of Memphis is preparing for heavy rain.

About 2-3 inches of rain is expected within a 24 hour span on Wednesday.

The city has started storm water preps, but they're also asking residents who know their homes or streets are prone to flooding to do the same.

The city's public works said it is cleaning storm drains--there are about 70,000 of them to clear across Memphis.

The Department of Public Works also wants homeowners to clear their gutters and downspouts, especially if your property is prone to flooding.

“Right now, we are just in a wait and see mode,” said Gale Carson Jones with MLGW. “We have everybody on standby including our system operation team, trouble shooters, other crews. Our customer call center is on standby. We’ll be working around the clock.”

Their big concern is the saturated ground coupled with predicted high winds tonight may knock over trees and possibly damage MLGW equipment.

Some areas of Tennessee are still dealing with flooding from earlier this month.

TEMA will start assessing flood damage in 54 counties across the state later this week.

The state remains under a state of emergency, and Governor Bill Lee’s executive order to help allocate funds to flood recovery is in place until next month.

City cleans storm drains ahead of expected rainfall

MLGW has crews on standby ready for what could be a long night for them restoring power across the city.

Storm damage impact for the area hinges on the intensity of the wind.

A head of the storm, MLGW's Electric Crisis team has been assessing the weather and working with the National Weather Service monitoring the storm.

MLGW crews will work 16 hour shifts to restore power if needed.

Last weekend's storm knocked out power to 14,000 customers after a tree pulled down multiple poles causing crews to restring the lines.

It’s a very real threat that could be repeated Wednesday night.

“Should we get those winds believe me we are going to have some outages It may knock over trees it may damage some of our equipment,” Jones said.

If you do lose power, don't assume MLGW knows about the outage. MLGW asks for everyone to report outages by calling (901) 544-6500.

Trouble shooters will assess damage then dispatch crews.

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