Guns stolen from unlocked TN Highway Patrol trooper vehicle

Guns stolen from unlocked TN Highway Patrol trooper vehicle

OAKLAND, TN (WMC) - Oakland police are investigating the theft from a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer’s unlocked car, getting away with high powered weapons.

Investigators said the crime is connected to others in Oakland and Somerville.

“My alarm on my car actually went off so that’s how we found out about it,” said Oakland resident Dawn Cano. “My car was actually the last one that got hit because they ran off once the alarm hit.”

Cano had her car door locked, but some of her other neighbors did not.

Oakland police say crooks went into neighborhoods last weekend going into unlocked cars and taking what they could.

One of their victims was the THP officer.

According to the Oakland police report, the officer left his unmarked department-issued 2018 Ford Explorer unlocked.

The crooks took off with his department issued NC15 patrol Rifle and semi-automatic Glock 33 pistol. Both weapons were not loaded.

The office told police the rifle rack latch must not have been locked all the way allowing the suspects to get the rifle.

Investigators believe a man seen on a surveillance camera in a Somerville theft the same weekend is a suspect in the Oakland crimes.

The Somerville crooks only got a bag with workout clothes an iPad and a Bible.

There’s also a dark surveillance video from the Oakland thefts that shows what is believed to be the suspect’s car a dark sedan.

“I’m surprised because it’s such a quiet area,” said resident Winnie Kelley. “It seems like we’re so far out of the city. It seems like we wouldn’t have these issues.”

Oakland police said investigators are also working with Memphis police to help identify the suspect’s and make arrests in Oakland.

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