Sardis police officer and woman killed in crash knew each other, family says

Victim and officer in crash knew each other

SARDIS, MS (WMC) - The family of Ericka Hughes, the Sardis woman killed in an officer-involved crash, say Hughes and the officer who hit her graduated from high school together.

"I'm angry. I need answers. I don't understand," said Brenda Hughes, sister.

Investigators say the 32-year-old mother of four died when a Sardis Police officer slammed his car into hers Monday night on Highway 315.

“I was just praying and just pleading to God that it wasn’t true and even if it was a wreck, just allow her to still be here,” said Brenda.

The Sardis Police Chief says 33-year-old Alex Aikens was the only officer on duty that night and was chasing a motorcycle when he crashed into Hughes' car.

"When he took her. He took me. He left me here, but on the inside I'm empty," said Brenda.

That emptiness also comes with shock. Ericka Hughes' family says she knew Aikens.

"We were classmates. We graduated together. We went to prom together. He was in pictures. He knew her," said Natasha Wilbourn, cousin.

Now Ericka's four children, the youngest just a year old and the oldest in their teens, are without a mom.

“She was a great mom. She gave me anything that I wanted and if sometimes she couldn’t give it to me, I would say it’s alright,” said Jamyah Hughes, daughter.

The family is now planning a funeral, as they wait for justice and answers.

“He needs to serve time for sure,” said Wilbourn.

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