Downtown Memphis expanding to accommodate local events

AAC Tournament gives Memphis economic boost

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Downtown Memphis is adding new accommodations, specifically for events like the AAC tournament.

According to the Memphis Hotel Lodging Association, there has been 500 hotel rooms added in the last couple years and thousands more are on the way.

“We feel that downtown Memphis is tailor-made for events,” said Kevin Kane, Memphis Tourism President and CEO.

Several boutique hotels, like Hotel Indigo, are opening later this year. Along with major projects, such as the 500-room Loew’s hotel at the convention center and the newly announced 250-room Somera Road hotel next to the new FedEx logistics downtown headquarters.

Leaders say the added capacity shows Memphis is primed to be an event destination.

"There's just a lot of economic activity, this is just a boom town right now," said Kane.

If you want an extra reason to root for the Tigers this weekend, the farther they go, the more the local economy wins too.

“I don’t think it’s any secret as Memphis keeps winning, the crowds keep coming, so we’re hoping the Tigers go all the way,” said Kane.

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