Man hospitalized after tree falls on Memphis house

1 in hospital after tree falls on Memphis house

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - One person was sent to the hospital after a tree fell on a home.

The tree was toppled by strong winds Thursday morning and came crashing down on a house on Ethlyn Avenue.

Three adults and two children were sleeping inside when the tree came down.

The tree fell and landed on Derrick Pepples’ bedroom.

“He said he just heard the gate like rattling, and it just went from there,” said Jazzma Owino. “It was like twister. It was just like boom and that was it.”

Pepples lives in the home with his girlfriend Adrienne Rimmer and her daughter Owino.

Owino's two daughters also live there.

Pepples was sent to the hospital but is expected to be OK.

“He was just hurting,” Owino said. “He couldn't see out of his eye. I guess something probably fell in it, but other than that he's OK.”

Owino said Pepples and her mom got out of the room where the tree fell through a window. Without that window, they would’ve been stuck.

“The trees and everything is just in the room,” Owino said. “The firemen tried to go and get our things and they couldn't even get into the room. It's barricaded. It's really bad.”

Owino’s family has been renting this home for less than a year. She says they have had a spell of bad luck., and they lost everything in a fire in 2016.

The Red Cross was called to help the family, and Owino says she's grateful her family is safe, including her young daughter who usually sleeps in the room where the tree fell.

Owino knows this could've been a lot worse.

“Sometimes you never expect things to happen until they hit home,” Owino said. “We’re going to pray and stay humble, and hopefully everything turns out.”

A tornado watch is active throughout the Mid-South until noon Thursday as severe weather has a chance to develop.

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