Search called off for man who jumped from barge into Wolf River Lagoon

Wolf River search called off

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It’s been more than 24 hours since Ronda Delk’s son, 41-year-old James Rosenbaum jumped into the Wolf River Lagoon Thursday.

"It's very frustrating knowing your child is out there in that water," said Delk.

Investigators have yet to recover his body.

"He said that until the water receded or until his body comes up, there wasn't anything that they could do at all," said Delk.

According to a police affidavit, Rosenbaum was with 56-year-old Shawn Palma. She was arrested and charged with burglary of a motor vehicle and theft of property.

The report says Palma was on a barge near the Wolf River Lagoon, where she was caught taking several thousand dollars worth of scrap metal. It was later found in a black pick-up truck.

“He [would] usually find a washer machine on the side of the road or scrap like that, I’ve never known him to actually do something like this though,” said Delk.

We talked to a witness Thursday on the scene.

“We were doing a routine check because people tend to steal a lot out here. We did a routine check this morning and we see the people. They had all their equipment set out. They had like a bridge to get across the dock to the barge, like a plank,” said Skyla Smith, witness.

That's when witnesses say they told Rosenbaum and Palma they would call the cops if they didn't leave. Palma stayed back and waited for police, Rosenbaum jumped.

He was spotted briefly in the water by a local captain, but then disappeared and wasn't spotted again.

Although his past may not be perfect, Rosenbaum's mother is pleading for help recovering the body of her only son.

“I, physically by myself, cannot get in that water, but I know there’s someone out there that can help me,” said Delk.

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