Tennessee lawmakers cracking down on roadway shootings

Cracking down on roadway shootings

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police closed part of I-40 between Hollywood and Warford early Saturday, after a shooting.

MPD says the call came in just after 1:30 a.m.

Officers found a black Dodge Challenger riddled with bullets, but no victim.

Police say the victim eventually showed up to Baptist Memorial-Crittenden in West Memphis.

It's yet another shooting involving cars on Memphis roadways. We've been tracking several in recent months.

Mayor Jim Strickland says it's violence that has to stop.

"We've got to take this seriously, we need the message to be clear. You use a gun, you will be dealt with. You will be arrested, you will be put in jail," said Strickland.

Shootings involving cars have caught the eye of Tennessee lawmakers, who are fighting to give a tougher punishment to those who pull the trigger.

A bill by State Senator Sara Kyle and Representative Joe Towns would increase the penalty for aggravated assault and reckless endangerment when committed from a motor vehicle.

A new analysis by the Fiscal Review Committee says those convicted of aggravated assault would likely serve an additional 16 months. Those convicted of reckless endangerment would like serve an additional year.

The bill, which remains in committee, would cost the state an additional $187,000 per year, mostly for housing prisoners longer.

To those who've lost loved ones to this senseless violence, it's small price to pay.

The bill would also allow judges to revoke an offender’s license for up to a year after they serve jail time.

A Knoxville lawmaker introduced a similar bill to enhance penalties if minors are victims.

That bill also remains in committee.

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