Breakdown: Why snow is still possible

Why snow is still possible

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) -This winter has been filled with lots of ups and downs in temperature and an abundance of rain but many are still hoping for snow. With all the days above average and storms starting to fire up more often you may be wondering, can it still happen? Can we get a school-closing snow? Let’s take a look at climatology and why we can’t count out the chance of snow still happening in the Mid-South.

On average Memphis gets about 3 inches of snow per year and so far we have had .6 in November of 2018 and .2 in January of 2019.

Let’s talk temperatures, the earliest last freeze we have ever had in Memphis was on February 12, 1878. There is no worries there, especially because we felt some of the coldest air of the season on March 4th when our high reached 31 and the low dropped to 20 degrees. Temperatures have fluctuated quite a bit this season from warm to cold, cold to warm and in between. On average the last freeze is generally around March 19th but don’t get your hopes down just yet. The latest freeze we ever had was on April 25, 1910. Based solely off temperatures and climatology, we still have time plus we don’t have to be right at freezing to get snow but this gives you a good idea of the time frame of how long cold air can last across the Mid-South.

Looking back at climatology, the last measurable snow is March 29, 1991 and on that day we picked up an inch. Our last trace of snow is even later than that and is on April 25, 1910.

While there is no real cold air coming down the pipe, temperatures will continue to fluctuate.

The precipitation chances are slightly above normal so that could work in our favor.

The temperatures are also forecast to be above normal so that could hurt us.

All in all we still have chances but the window of opportunity is closing fast.

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