100+ dead cats found in woman’s home

100+ dead cats found in woman’s home
Two of the 24 cats found alive inside

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WMC) - A woman in Virginia Beach, Virginia will face charges over cat hoarding after animal control officers say they found more than 100 dead cats inside her home.

Animal control officers were attempting to serve a search warrant for animal hoarding Monday when the discovery was made.

24 cats were also found alive on the property.

Officials said that they were familiar with the homeowner. In 2015, she was found guilty of breaking into animal control to set cats free.

“Our hearts go out to the animals inside the home,” said Meghan Conti of Virginia Beach Animal Control, “but they also go out to the resident this isn’t just your every day owner, this is someone who really has some concerning problems.”

Animal control officials say the homeowner will face new charges.

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