Agreement reached in tire dumping lawsuit

Agreement reached in tire dumping lawsuit

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Court continued Thursday for a lawsuit claiming thousands of tires collected during the Memphis and Shelby County tire redemption program were illegally dumped.

The “battle of tire storage” came to an end after both parties reached a settlement in Chancery Court.

Religious Non-profit Shraddha Saburi and Samidha, or SSS, sued recycling company "Refurban" and its owner Devin James after they say more than 50,000 tires were illegally dumped onto their property without permission.

Refurban was hired by the city, for the city and county's tire redemption program after another company pulled out.

James says he had an agreement with the property owner.

However, the nonprofit says the man he's talking about is not the owner and never gave James permission to do anything with the property.

In the settlement, both parties:

  • Requested an injuction for a permanant restraining order to keep James and his workers off of SSS’s property
  • Filed a “contructive trust” order allowing SSS to make a cut of any money James stands to make, including $15,000 he would make removing the tires himself
  • Filed a certificate of good stading for Refurban LLC
  • Reserved the right for SSS to seek any rental profits for use of property in which both parties will return to court at a later date for a judge to establish a fair rental property value.

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