Thousands flock to downtown Memphis for North American Bridge Championships

Thousands of bridge players hit Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Thousands of bridge players are in town for the North American Bridge Championships.

Bridge is a card game similar to spades, where teams announce a certain number of tricks they plan to get for a certain number of suits.

"The neat thing about bridge is that each hand is different so it's like a puzzle," said Stephanie Threlkeld, American Contract Bridge League.

Stephanie Threlkeld works with the American Contract Bridge League that is based in Horn Lake.

The ACBL has 170,000 members worldwide. Their 12-day tournament is expected to bring $3 million into the Memphis economy.

"It's going to have a good economic impact. They're going to have hotel rooms, they're going to be eating. Bridge players love to eat, they love to drink, they love to sight see. So in addition to playing bridge, I think you'll see a nice little impact in downtown Memphis," said Threlkeld.

"The city has been very nice to us and everybody is friendly," said Deon Petrov, bridge player.

Deon Petrov is a competitive bridge player and is making his first trip to Memphis. He came in from Buffalo to play a game he loves and enjoy a city he's heard good things about.

"It is very competitive. Sometimes people get very deeply into it. Memphis is a very popular destination for bridge," said Petrov.

The Bluff City has hosted the Bridge Championships before in 2012.

Players were so pleased with the experience that the organization set up the tournament here again, when they normally hold the event in larger cities.

This tournament isn't just for experts. Organizers say they have beginner games and lessons for those who want to learn how to play.

The tournament continues until next Sunday.

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