TN lawmakers look to prevent ban of plastic bags

TN lawmakers look to prevent ban of plastic bags

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Tennessee lawmakers are looking to put a stop of banning plastic bags in the state.

Environmentalists say the plastic bags are bad for the environment, which has led to the plan in some places across the country.

But on Monday, Tennessee House lawmakers passed a bill to make it illegal for local governments to ban plastic bags or put restrictions on Styrofoam containers.

Officials in cities like Memphis and Nashville have considered banning or taxing plastic bags.

Memphis City Councilman Berlin Boyd came up with one proposal that would put a seven cent tax on plastic bags. He said this will help protect the environment for future Memphians.

Boyd said some of that tax money could be used to research the aquifer, the source of Memphis' drinking water, or to clean up littered waterways.

But that won't happen if the state passes the bill to "ban the bans."

The House has given its approval, but it must go to the Senate before it goes to the governor.

Eleven other states — including Idaho, Florida and Wisconsin — have already enacted similar so-called “bans on bans.”

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