University of Memphis to implement tuition changes

University of Memphis to implement tuition changes

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The University of Memphis has announced changes to its tuition rates.

Administrators at the University of Memphis proudly boast that they have the lowest tuition increases in Tennessee over the past five years. Now, University leaders are initiating a plan called Access Memphis to lower costs even more.

“At the University of Memphis, probably the single biggest barrier to student successful completion is the finances,” said University of Memphis Provost Tom Nenon.

All incoming freshmen students in Fall 2019 are eligible for a guaranteed tuition plan, locking in their tuition rate for all four years of school.

The University will also only charge students taking 12 credit hours for undergraduates and 10 credit hours for graduate students, and any additional classes will be free of charge.

“If we can keep the tuition down, that helps them stay in school and graduate on time,” Nenon said. “Every time it goes up, then somebody may have to delay, or they may have to sit out.”

Nenon says the University understands the Memphis community struggles with poverty issues. These changes are part of making local, higher education as available and affordable as possible.

“We know that this is the population we serve, and we want them to be successful,” Nenon said.

Chrysia Mayhue is a sophomore at UofM.

“This will actually help a lot of people, a lot of students,” Mayhue said.

Mayhue graduated from Hamilton High School and says many of her classmates couldn't afford college.

“This will create a lot of opportunities for those students to be able to actually have a chance to go to school and make something of themselves,” Mayhue said.

Access Memphis helps online students too, making tuition rates the same for in-person or online classes.

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