Elderly man dies after allegedly killing his wife before turning gun on himself

Elderly man dies after allegedly killing his wife before turning gun on himself

SCOTT COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - An 83-year-old man has died following an alleged murder-suicide attempt over the weekend.

According to Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee, the names of the elderly couple involved in the shooting are 83-year-old Thomas Gary Everett and his 80-year-old wife Linnie Everett.

The shooting happened on J. Burnham Road around 6:45 Saturday morning.

According to the sheriff’s office, Thomas Everett allegedly shot his bedridden wife and then turned the gun on himself.

The sheriff’s office says Everett survived the shooting and was previously listed in critical condition.

“There were, at times, concern from this couple, who were a very good couple, that they felt like they might be burdens on their children financially, as well as time. But, again, we’re just trying to take that in the totality of the situation," said Lee.

The sheriff says three people were living at the residence. The couple’s son was living at the home and helping take care of both parents. The mother needed “around-the-clock care,” according to the sheriff. Their other son would come in from Tupelo and also help the family.

“They knew that the elderly female that lived there, the 80-year-old, that she was in bad condition, had multiple medical conditions," said Lee.

Scott County authorities spoke with the family and are still trying to figure out what led the shooting.

The sheriff’s department says it is ruling out a home invasion and have no other suspects in this shooting.

When police arrived they believed the man to be deceased, but then “noticed movement.” The ambulance arrived and then officials noticed him “becoming more conscious.” Due to his injuries he was unable to speak.

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