Memphis Express player stuck with huge hotel bill after AAF folds

Memphis Express player stuck with huge hotel bill after AAF folds

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The Alliance of American Football is no more, but the unpaid bills left behind are piling up.

A Memphis Express player says he got stuck with a huge hotel tab that the league was supposed to pay.

Just three hours after the league folded, players received a text saying they had to leave their hotels.

Memphis Express players react after AAF league folds

The next notification Memphis Express player Logan Tuley-Tillman says he received was a $1,700 hotel bill.

“The league is supposed to pay for housing,” Logan said. “That was set before we got there."

The offensive tackle is back home in Peoria, Illinois after a four-week stint with the Memphis Express.

When majority owner Tom Dundon suspended AAF operations Tuesday, Logan says the Sonesta Hotel in East Memphis stuck him with the bill.

"I'm very offended,” Logan said. “You're a billionaire. You made this decision. OK... why can't you give us the respect to put a plan together where we don't get charged for something we weren't even supposed to be charged for."

His Express teammate Adrien Robinson tweeted he wound up with a $2,500 charge on his credit card.

Teammate Anthony Manzo Lewis tweeted "kicked out of our rooms...that weren't paid apparently...17 hours from home with nowhere to go."

Logan says calls to the league and to hotel management went nowhere.

The $1,700 he's going to use to pay the bill was supposed to go to his nonprofit Failure's Never Final to buy coats and shoes for needy kids.

"That was specifically marked for 10 students that need housing and need help,” Logan said.

Logan said he loved his brief time in Memphis.

"Coach Singletary is one of the best coaches I've ever had... time there was amazing,” Logan said.

He says a billionaire's decision to shut things down without taking care of business was a bad call to make.

“The purpose is...we were told when we were hired we wouldn’t have to pay for housing,” Logan said. “And now we’re paying for housing.”

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