Memphis Zoo’s baby giraffe receives its first exam

New baby giraffe gets first exam

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The Memphis Zoo’s newest addition got its first exam.

Veterinarians will get exact numbers on the baby giraffe, which usually weigh around 150 pounds and are five to six feet tall.

"It's pretty strong. It seems to be taking to mom. It is starting nursing fairly quickly," said Jason Bankston, zookeeper.

Ten giraffes now call the Memphis Zoo home with the latest born Saturday morning.

This is the second baby in the herd in the last year.

Adding a baby can be an exciting time for the Zoo family and the popular herd.

"It's always exciting to have young ones around. It shakes the heard up, gets them more active," said Bankston.

There's still a lot of find out about this little one.

It received its neonatal exam Sunday. It's vitals, height and weight were measured and vets could finally determine if it's male or female.

However, one thing caretakers had a feeling about before the exam is this calf is strong. It was up and walking minutes after birth.

"It got up within 20 minutes, which is odd for a giraffe. It usually takes them about an hour or so until they get up on their feet real steady," said Bankston.

A growing giraffe heard is great for Zoo visitors too.

The newest baby will be out later this week to see, once it has some good bonding time with mom.

The Memphis Zoo has not released the calf’s gender, but will make it public soon.

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