Caught on Camera: Thieves make off with loaded trailer in East Memphis

Caught on Camera: Thieves make off with loaded trailer in East Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A pair of thieves were caught on camera going to work on a trailer parked in an East Memphis driveway.

It took them just minutes to make off with the trailer and its valuable cargo.

Memphis police didn't take long to capture one of the suspects. The victim, Victor Worley, has good surveillance cameras that caught the whole bold theft on camera.

"I was pretty shocked cause how bold, it was obvious to me they had cased the place,” Worley said. “It was obvious to me they had the tools to get the job done."

It happened on Valentine’s Day. In the surveillance video, you can see a U-Haul pickup truck back up to the trailer carrying an ATV covered with a tarp.

"We had three locks on it, a hitch lock, a hitch pin lock and a safety chain lock,” Worley said.

The man seen in the video with his pants falling down apparently cut through all of that. At one point the driver of the truck got out to help.

The men did not seem concerned anyone would intervene. They hooked the trailer to their truck and drove off.

A few days later Memphis police found the truck used in the theft at this motel on Sycamore View. The motel staff said the suspect, who cut the locks off the trailer, was in room 246.

Police arrested 38-year-old Joseph Williams. Inside the room investigators discovered small amounts of meth, heroin, marijuana and revolver stolen two years ago worth $520.

Court records show Williams is a convicted felon who pled guilty in 2011 to promoting and manufacturing of meth.

“I’m disgusted,” Worley said. “It’s happened to me several times.”

Worley says he has been a crime victim several times in the 25 years he has lived in his neighborhood.

WMC5 crime tracked his subdivision, looking at crimes since January of this year and only found one burglary besides his. Worley would like to see Joseph Williams’ accomplice caught.

Williams is charged with possession of a controlled substances with intent to sell, convicted felon in possession of a handgun and theft of property.

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