TN man invents cooling collars, packs to keep dogs, children safe in hot weather

TN man invents cooling collars, packs to keep dogs, children safe in hot weather

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - In the Mid-South, we sometimes enjoy above average temps in the 80′s. As the hot and humid season approaches, a Tennessee man invented a new way to keep kids and pets cool.

When the sun is shining, pet lovers and parents are all out enjoying it and it’s all fun and games, until it gets too hot.

Tennessee inventor Phillip Pitts spent the past 18 years designing the T-Cool K9 collar for dogs and the Cool-R Kid Pack for children.

They're made out of nontoxic plant oils, are cool to the touch, and Pitts says they work by pulling heat away from the dog or person using it

“This turns solid at 60 and it will stay at that temperature for up to two hours at 100,” Pitts said.

Pitts says packs are especially great for K9 officers when seconds count

“Someone’s life may depend on that dog going extra further,” Pitts said.

It also works well for kids in car seats and strollers

“Because if you’re in a black car and it’s 79 the interior of car is 195,” Pitts said.

That being said, you don’t want to rely on these cool packs. You should never leave your baby or pet alone in a hot car.

But in Tennessee’s scorching summers, even with the A/C on, Pitts says this product could make a big difference.

“Everybody loves their dogs, everybody loves their kids and so why not have something that gives you that little extra insurance to protect your dog and your baby?” Pitts said.

Pitts has already donated one of his collars to a K9 unit in Nashville.

Interested in ordering one? Visit their Facebook page and use the promo code “Spring” to get 20 percent off plus free shipping.

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