Grizzlies execs explain decision to fire Coach Bickerstaff

Grizzlies execs explain decision to fire Coach Bickerstaff

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - We finally have a better idea of what exactly went down Thursday within the Memphis Grizzlies organization.

Head coach JB Bickerstaff was fired, and general manager Chris Wallace was reassigned to a scouting role.

It all happened just hours after the two went out in front of media members with the understanding that they would return in their roles with the Grizzlies next season.

The decision to fire Bickerstaff and reassign Wallace was made prior to the exit interviews.

New Team President Jason Wexler and new Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Zachary Kleiman said it was something that was presented to them in advance.

The move was unpopular with fans, media members, and some players as well.

"A part of our thinking was that we didn't want to put 15 plus players through a series of public exit interviews having to answer questions about front office change and coaching change that could impact their careers,” Wexler said. “Especially since so many had been through trades this season already."

“I was aware not long in advance,” Kleiman said. “It was something that had been presented to me. There’s a human element that is difficult to navigate on a day like yesterday. I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity. We’re pushing forward with real pace and purpose as we build out the rest of the staff. It’s an exciting time.”

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