Rosecrest property manager speaks out

Property manager responds to complaints

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - For more than a year, WMC Action News has received numerous complaints from people living at Rosecrest Apartment Homes in Midtown.

So has the city's 311 help line.

The 10-story high-rise had so many code violations, inspectors needed a second day to tally them all.

Non-working elevators were the top complaint in a building with many residents who have trouble walking up flights of stairs.

"They have a history of not always maintaining their property in the way we would like," said Robert Knecht, public works director.

Robert Knecht, head of Memphis Public Works, says Rosecrest was cited for the repeated non-working elevators. Eventually the case was sent to Environmental court where it is now in the hands of Judge Patrick Dandridge.

Lennox Companies manages Rosecrest and other apartment buildings in Memphis.

Jonathan Wogan is head of Lennox Companies.

He said he understands why residents are frustrated.

"It has been a nightmare," said Wogan.

Rosecrest is owned by a limited liability corporation out of New York.

Wogan said the company refinanced Rosecrest in January to get the money to pay for the three new elevators.

He presented a letter sent to residents on March 29, telling them that an elevator company out of Florida will be doing the work.

Everything should be complete by July.

Wogan said he understands if residents are skeptical since a new elevator was promised last August and never happened.

Resident Dr. Syed Hussain hopes it happens but is skeptical.

"This is in good faith. We expect to fix it but you never know," said Hussain.

Environmental Court Judge Patrick Dandridge will receive updates from Rosecrest about progress with the elevators.

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