Earthquake This Morning Near Dyersburg

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) -This morning a 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit West Tennessee! The United States Geological Survey confirmed that a 3.6 magnitude quake hit at 5:56 am. The epicenter was 7.5 miles northwest of Dyersburg.

There were lots of reports to WMC Action News 5 of people being woken up out of their sleep and houses being rattled from just outside Dyersburg to Mid-town. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, they received more than 1,000 responses from not only Mid-Southerners but also parts of Kentucky.

It’s all due to The New Madrid fault-line which is located along the Mississippi River from Cairo, Illinois, into Eastern Arkansas. The red dots represent earthquakes.

According to the USGS this recent quake won’t put us more at risk for a big one. According to scientists, they believe that larger magnitude earth quakes usually happen about once every 400-500 years.

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