14-year-old boy shot at park while trying to help mom, friend says

14-year-old boy shot at park while trying to help mom, friend says

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A 14-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in the middle of a busy Memphis park.

According to a friend, the teen was shot after he went to the aid of his mother, who was arguing with the father of one of her children.

"It’s ridiculous,” said Eldrid Brown.

Ridiculous on a beautiful day at O’Brien Park on Prescott with lots of people enjoying the day that someone fired a gun.

"My friend’s son got shot,” said friend Monique Brown, who is not related to Eldrid. “Her baby daddy shot her son.”

Monique said the 14-year-old was playing basketball in the park.

"He was playing basketball but when he saw him and his Momma into a fight, he had to see what was going on with his Momma,” Monique said.

Monique says that is when the boyfriend shot the teenager in the arm. It happened with people enjoying the park with their pets, children playing on swings, other people walking through the park families here.

Eldrid wants to know why someone would be in a park with a gun.

"What are you doing, you need a gun?” Eldrid said.

He says he doesn’t understand the need to carry a gun.

“I talk with a lot of young guys. I say why do you carry guns,” Eldrid said. “They say everybody has guns. I say I don’t have any.”

Police are apparently looking for more than one suspect.

Investigators say they are looking for the suspects who are possibly in a white car.

If you know who did the shooting, call police.

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