Students, staff host 4th annual non-violence rally at Westwood High

Students, staff host non-violence rally

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - For the last four years, Westwood High School has hosted a non-violence rally, hoping to educate kids and spread peace throughout the community.

"They always look at Westwood or at our community as violence," said Dajae Horton, senior.

Senior Dajae Horton says since a video of a brawl at a Westwood High School basketball game made its rounds on social media earlier this year, people have had the wrong impression.

"I just don't want it to be like that because when I come back, I want to look at my community and my school as one of the most peaceful places there is," said Horton.

Students and staff took part in an annual non-violence rally Friday.

It featured music, dancing and skits about conflict resolution.

"Trying to get people to settle their disputes without turning to guns," said Michael Rallings, MPD director.

Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings says conflict resolution is key.

Newly released numbers from the TBI show a drop in major property crimes across Memphis and Shelby County.

However, some major violent crimes are up.

Major property cime rates dropped 9.4 percent in Memphis and 12.6 percent in Shelby County, compared to last year.

This data is measured from January to March.

Major violent crime dropped 0.3 percent in Memphis and 0.6 in the county.

Although, there are more aggravated assaults and murders compared to this time last year.

Back at Westwood High, students and teachers are working together to combat violence.

“Not only are we making a difference in their lives they’re making a difference within our lives,” said Brittany Butler, district family engagement specialist.

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