Coliseum Coalition, Clean Memphis clean up Mid-South Coliseum

Crews work to help clean Mid-South Coliseum

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A group of citizens are hoping to save the Mid-South Coliseum and re-open it.

It's where some of the biggest wrestling matches and most memorable music performances took place.

Elvis performed there, as did the Beatles. In fact, the Beatles held a press conference in Room F, after John Lennon said they were "more popular than Jesus."

The Mid-South Coliseum now just sits, as a shell of its former self, after closing more than a decade ago.

"This was the first building, public assembly building in Memphis built with integration in mind from moment one. We think that's an important thing in a city where Dr. King was assassinated," said Marvin Stockwell, Coliseum Coalition.

Marvin Stockwell is one of the people who want to see the Coliseum make a comeback.

Nearly 50 volunteers from Coliseum Coalition and Clean Memphis spent part of their Saturday cleaning up the building.

"Going to wrestling matches on Monday nights. I saw Celine Dion here, Amy Grant here," said Ken Smith, volunteer.

"I love this place. It means a lot to me. It has a lot of personal meaning to me," said Carolyn Chatman, volunteer. "And I feel like we should save it and do what we need to do."

But first, they want to get the building into good enough shape, so it can host small-scale events.

"It gives citizens an opportunity to see a beloved building, part of town that they haven't had access to. And then, typically what that does is it spurs investment," said Stockwell.

If all goes well, the building will have the spotlight once again.

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