Local law enforcement launches ‘Operation: Transformation’

Operation: Transformation helps local kids

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis Police and DeSoto County Sheriff’s deputies are partnering to launch a new effort to help some Memphis area kids live better lives.

"Everybody has a different path on where they need to get to," said Officer Clarence Campbell, MPD.

Speaking to a group of seniors at Whitehaven High School, Memphis Police officer Clarence Campbell hopes his words will lead to a successful path for students as they enter the real world.

“Yeah, we’ll talk about the laws, but then we get a chance to talk about you know how to avoid those situations,” said Campbell.

Campbell and about a dozen other officers from MPD’s gang unit and DeSoto County Sheriff’s deputies spoke on several issues.

The topics ranged from sex crimes, to police interaction, to distracted driving and domestic violence.

Senior Tyler Hunter says the program has helped build stronger relationships with police and students.

"They're trying to spell that they're humans too. They care about the way we feel as well, they care about our lives when they're here to serve and protect. They're not just here to abuse their power and that's what they're trying to get us to understand and that's what I hope my peers take away from this," said Tyler Hunter, senior.

Whitehaven Principal Vincent Hunter says the program is making a huge impact.

“So many times, our young people do not have an opportunity to learn how to actually interact with police and how to deal with real world situations. And this is a great opportunity for, I think, our children to learn from professionals how to deal with sex crimes and how to deal with DUI and how we deal with interactions with law enforcement. Not just from Memphis but surrounding districts,” said Vincent Hunter, principal.

Whitehaven High is the anchor of the Empowerment Zone, which is a neighborhood approach aimed at improving culture, climate and curriculum to feeder schools in the area.

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