Baby brand created by former Mid-South teacher set to launch in Target stores

Local business expands to Target

LAKELAND, Tenn. (WMC) - When Lindsey Ferrell started her business “Ryan & Rose” in 2013 she never imagined the rapid growth she would experience in less than six years.

Her bright and colorful baby products will be in Target stores starting next year.

“I don’t think it’s sunk in,” Ferrell said.

The former White Station teacher for the deaf and her husband, Bret, created an entire baby brand featuring functional, safe and cute pacifiers, teethers, utensils and more.

"Ryan and Rose started in 2013 when my oldest daughter Ryan needed a pacifier because our dog Penny kept eating all the pacifiers, and so I started looking, and everything on the market was too long and unattractive and so that's when I felt the Lord urging me 'hey make your own' and that's kind of when it turned into a business."

Ferrell created an Etsy store and started experimenting with different trims, patterns and colors - ultimately designing a pacifier clip she named the cutie clip.

“At first it was just me making all the clips. We slowly hired new makers across the city of Memphis and they started making clips for us as the demand increased,” Ferrell said.

Currently, Ryan & Rose has 23 local employees and 53 nationally – shipping 3,000 packages out of the Ferrell home per week.

Now, the company is expanding as it grows out of her home.

“We’re excited. We just bought some land in Lakeland that we’re excited we’re going to be able to redo a warehouse and we’re just so excited to keep growing, but also make the warehouse beautiful for the Lakeland area, and create more jobs,” Ferrell said.

Ferrell thanks social media for the quick growth of her business.

“On Instagram we have about 465,000 followers and they’re engaged. We get about 20,000 story views a day which is pretty great,” Ferrell said. “The place we’ve created is a safe place, a positive place and it’s not just about Ryan and Rose - it’s just about life, and having kids, and being a mom and being a place where they can feel like they’re accepted.”

The mother of two, whose girls inspired the name of her company and products, is especially grateful as the journey to motherhood was a tough one.

"What's kind of cool about our story is I was told I could never have kids. I've had 24 major surgeries and so I've had a lot of medical things going on in my life and being told I couldn't have kids, I would never be able to walk and it's just crazy to see what God's done with my life," said Ferrell.

She hopes her story will inspire others to follow their dreams.

“I started Ryan and Rose with $500 as a gift from my mother-in-law and I’ve never borrowed money. Never. No loans, nothing, and I’ve been able to grow it into a multi-million dollar business and it’s like... you can do it, you can do it too,” said Ferrell.

Ryan & Rose is expected to hit Target stores January 2020.

To learn more about the company and its products, click here.

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