Gov. Bill Lee: House Speaker Glen Casada’s future is in the hands of representatives

Casada's future as TN House Speaker

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. (WMC) - Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada said he will not resign, despite calls from some lawmakers and even Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally.

Casada has been embroiled in controversy over lewd text messages.

His chief of staff Cade Cothren quit over the scandal.

Thursday, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said that if Casada was serving in his administration or his company, at this point, he would ask him to resign.

Friday, he said the ultimate decision lies with the house of representatives

"That decision is one of the house of representatives. And they will make decisions about their leader," said Lee.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee stopped short of issuing a call for House Speaker Glen Casada to resign.

Lee pushed the decision to house members themselves.

"And so we will leave it to them," said Lee.

"I feel he should. that's a decision the house has to make," said Lt. Governor Randy McNally.

McNally thinks Casada should go.

He ramped up the rhetoric on twitter Friday afternoon, saying it’s in the best interest of the legislature and the state for Casada to vacate his office.

Casada's chief of staff Cade Cothren resigned earlier this week when information surfaced in the Tennessean newspaper about lewd texts and sexual advances toward interns and lobbyists.

Casada was a part of some of those texts with Cothren that referenced pole dancing and Cothren having sex with a woman in the bathroom of a restaurant.

He called the texts, "locker room talk."

"I apologize for the two texts I sent. They were wrong and I was wrong. But I've asked for forgiveness and received forgiveness," said Casada.

Friday, Casada said he wouldn't step down.

"My chief of staff has resigned. Those problems are dealt with and now the house we unify and move forward," said Casada.

Because lawmakers have already ended session for 2019, any ouster of Casada would have to come either next year in the new session in January.

Or if the governor or lawmakers themselves convene a special session, they would have to vote him out.

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