International competitors come to win at World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest

International competitors came to win

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - This weekend, the world’s best barbecuers have come to the Bluff City to compete.

"We love the city, we love the people, we love the competition, we love the river we love the food,” said Craig Whitson, Norwegian National Barbecue Team.

Craig Whitson leads the Norwegian National Barbecue Team that's come to Memphis in May for 12 years.

Whitson, who was born in the United States and has lived in Norway for decades, has earned himself a nickname in his country for his cooking.

"Grill Congin. It's king of the grill and they're just laughing at me! Everybody knows him as the grill king of Norway,” said Whitson.

A few booths down, the Smoking Jokers from Australia are back for their second Memphis in May experience.

Last year they impressed the judges, finishing fourth in the most competitive category which is ribs.

"Loved it last year, had to come back for a second hit,” said Rohan Dimmock, Smoking Jokers.

The Smoking Jokers love Memphis so much after last year, they’ve entered into a partnership with Memphis Tourism to spread the word about Memphis to the Land Down Under.

"Trying to help promote get Australians over here. Promote not just the event but the city as well,” said Dimmock.

No international team has ever won any of the three major categories: ribs, shoulder or whole hog.

These two teams are hoping to come in and steal the show.

"You know, teach those Americans a lesson kind of thing! And if anybody wants that job we’ll be happy to take it,” said Whitson.

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