Eight foot alligator takes nap on Rankin County family’s porch

Eight foot alligator takes nap on Rankin County family’s porch

PELAHATCHIE, Miss. (WLBT) - A Pelahatchie family had an unexpected wildlife visitor show up at their doorstep Monday afternoon, blocking them from getting inside their home for hours.

They tell 3 On Your Side that this was one of the most terrifying moments of their life.

“There are no words to describe what I was thinking. Fear... just petrifying fear,” recalls home owner Lara Bragg.

That’s when the family immediately called wildlife officials for help.

Bragg and her family have lived in the same home for over 40 years. They say they have never seen anything like this in the area.

“I was in complete shock when I got out of the truck and I started walking to the house and see this huge alligator on our front porch!”

Petrified and in a state of shock, Bragg feared the worst.

“It was just laying there on my front porch. It wasn’t moving, but its eyes were wide open. It was very scary.”

The Bragg family quickly took action and reached out to Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks for help.

“They walked up real slow to him, put the rope on his neck and got him! He was fighting back," Bragg says. "Rolling and everything!”

Wildlife officials say May is the peak of alligator breeding season. Because of this, alligators will roam to uncharted territory just to reach a breeding female.

With eight small animals running around, Bragg was most concerned about their safety.

“The cats tried to walk up to him and I just knew he was going to snatch one up. Luckily, he didn’t try to grab them. These are my daughter’s cats and if he got one of them she would have been devastated!”

Bragg says she is grateful the situation didn’t end in tragedy.

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