New Graceland Exhibition Center opens Saturday

Graceland Exhibition Center opens Saturday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A new space of 80,000 square feet is opening at Graceland this weekend.

Opening with it are some new exhibits, hang out options, and food, all with Elvis Presley in mind.

Crews are 'Taking Care of Business' as final touches are made at the new Graceland Exhibition Center.

When it opens Saturday, you can grab a hunk a' food at the TCB Food Hall or a drink at the Jungle Room bar.

“Outside of the bar and restaurants at the Guesthouse Hotel, The Jungle Room Bar is the first full service bar on the property,” said Christian Ross, Elvis Presley Enterprises PR specialist.

Like much of Graceland, this exhibition center is all about the exhibits.

A motorcycle exhibit called “A Century of the American Motorcycle” has some never before seen bikes.

Also included is the “National Geographic Presents: Earth Explorers” exhibit. It allows guests to become explorers and embark on an adventure to discover new species, study animal behavior and learn about the important role technology, innovation and ingenuity play in making and documenting these discoveries.

The popular “Muhammad Ali: Greatest of All Time” interactive exhibit makes a stop in Memphis, fresh off a stay at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.

“Muhammad Ali, greatest of all time. Very flashy. Same for Elvis. Elvis was great at what he did, great on the mic. He was a showman,” said Ross.

At the Muhammad Ali exhibit you can even try to become the Greatest of All Time with your own robe, a punching glove and a punching bag.

In the 1970s Elvis had a robe made for Ali.

While the original one sits in Ali's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, a replica is on display at Graceland with the original check and receipt.

The Exhibition Center is the first of several expansions by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

While EPE and the City didn’t see eye to eye on the plans, a revised plan they both agree on has been set. Officials want Memphis to be at the center of it.

“We want to give people a reason to come out and experience Graceland and learn about Elvis, but also just experience and enjoy some opportunities that are in their backyard,” said Ross.

For ticket pricing and hours for the Graceland Exhibition Center, click here.

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