Attorney wants former police officer charged with capital murder

Family attorney calls for death penalty

OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - The attorney representing the family of a murdered Oxford woman thinks the former police officer involved in the homicide should be charged with capital murder.

The attorney is even calling for a firing squad if the officer is convicted.

"If you do decide to charge the man with capital murder, if a jury decides to convict him, I will happily join the family at the front row of a death by firing squad,” said Carlos Moore, attorney.

Grenada-based attorney Carlos Moore is now representing the family of Dominique Clayton.

The 32-year-old mother of four was found dead in her Oxford Home on Sunday afternoon. Former Oxford police officer Matthew Kinne is charged with murder in her death.

Moore says Kinne should be charged with capital murder.

"If he burglarized her home and then committed murder, I’ve been practicing 17 years but I believe that’s capital murder,” said Moore.

Oxford police say they were aware that Kinne and Clayton were acquaintances.

The family said they were seeing each other and Kinne paid her rent and car note.

They also said Kinne shot Clayton in the back of the head.

Moore believes Clayton did not let Kinne in because she was asleep.

Clayton's family held signs saying, “Justice for Dominique” at the news conference.

They say they will not rest until they get justice.

Moore says he will be doing his own investigation into what happened.

According to District Attorney Ben Creekmore, the case will be presented to a grand jury.

After hearing the evidence, the grand jury could then decide to upgrade the charges to capital murder.

Creekmore says lethal injection is the only choice for a state execution in Mississippi, so the firing squad would not happen.

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